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Hi, I'm Joe, a 30 year old photographer, traveler, and paramotor pilot specializing in aerial and wildlife photography. I have been traveling the world and living abroad near-continuously for the past 5 years, during which time I have leveraged the constant flow of interesting subjects and landscapes to hone my photography and videography skills. I prefer traveling in remote, high-risk destinations, where few photographers venture and the locals are excited to share their way of life with the world through my lenses. I travel light, cheap, and for long durations, often spending months in a country if it speaks to me. I stick to overland travel unless flights are absolutely necessary and I plan as little as possible. Rather, I throw myself at the mercy of the locals, who have invariably invited me into their tribes and villages around the world and shown me extreme hospitality. My goal is to use my photography to promote sustainable tourism in the portions of the world that need it the most.  

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